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27 Oct 2009
Honoring Fares from Lebanon at this important international gathering is viewed by many people as being an honoring for Lebanon and the Lebanese people altogether since the man has grouped in his person, both the human being and the distinguished statesman more
27 Oct 2009
'The human being’s nature is sensitive toward honor, flattery, and praise. However, it is to say that I consider that honoring me goes beyond my person to be an honoring for Lebanon'  more
27 Oct 2009
He is one of the very few politicians in Lebanon who like to offer public services without any return and without personal purposes. He had always given without taking anything more
25 Oct 2009
Although he makes permanent trips to carry out his business between France, Britain, the United States, and other countries, he is nevertheless present in his remarkable amiability through his institutions that work on meeting his aspirations  more
23 Oct 2009
From am honor to another… The Lebanese Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares is being honored by international institutions and international heads of states.  more
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