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Akkar with all its Segments Is Expecting his Excellency Issam FARES
25 Apr 2017


With respect to all proposals of election-related legal formulas, Akkar considers a single electoral district, no matter if it is a qualifying, hybrid or proportional electoral law. In fact, these formulas will affect the action of ambitious candidates as Akkar will witness a flurry of activities with electoral purposes despite the ambiguity of the proposed laws or districts and even of the election date which would be either postponed for technical reasons or extended for one year.

Today, Akkar with all its movements and segments is expecting the former Deputy Prime Minister, Issam FARES, in early May this year where there would be a clearer vision of electoral political scene and alliances. All candidates of all sects and rites have pinned all their hopes on the awaited return of FARES which will serve as an important impetus for the political life in Lebanon, in general, and in Akkar, in particular. Political, social and municipal leaders in Akkar estimated that a development and recovery process will be launched in the province.

One of the party leaders in Akkar hoped that the return of FARES through Kleyat airport would set off the vital project not only in Akkar, but also all over Lebanon. One important step was reported last week on this level, when the Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Ghazi ZAITER, has assigned a whole team of technicians from the Ministry personnel to technically inspect the airport buildings and runways and submit a global report of the airport requirements. This is probably a positive indication that this vital utility was included among the Ministry priorities to start renovation works and authorize its commissioning, which in turn leads to development and construction movement in Akkar and the North. It is said that putting Kleyat airport into service is being seriously considered, in the hope that FARES private jet can land on its runway, thus heralding a development process and a new era in Akkar.

In this regard, circles in Akkar noticed that the last week holidays were an opportunity to test the popular bases of MPs and ambitious candidates; a dynamic movement of MPs and leaders from Akkar has been reported among these circles, as well as a movement of visitors, from which one could have an idea of their weight and of the possible alliances. The return of Issam FARES was the talk of political meetings and was regarded as good omen by the candidates in terms of resolving the electoral law issue. “No law can be imposed on any party as a way to eliminate it. There must be agreement and appropriate representation so as to safeguard the Taif Agreement and coexistence”, the coordinator of FPM (consultant of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, BASSIL), Assaad DARGHAM, maintained.

Also according to DARGHAM, “an agreement will be reached over a new electoral law before May 15. After that, extension for technical reasons is possible because everyone is aware of the risks of a vacuum.” Despite the current situation in Lebanon, Akkar remained safe from the security tension, where the army has been on the alert at the borders and has been keeping them under their watch. DARGHAM praised “the permanent sacrifices of the military institution to protect Lebanon and fight terrorism”, saluting “the Army Commandment for the excellent operation undertaken by the institution under the command of General Joseph AOUN in the barren lands of Ersal.”

“This swift operation is a major breakthrough in the anti-terrorism strategy and proves the high readiness of the military institution and the intelligence directorate in proactively countering terrorism”, DARGHAM added. DARGHAM also reiterated that “the intrepid Lebanese Army is facing up the terrorist and takfiri groups that are trying to penetrate inside Lebanon to use it as a safe resort. Therefore, everyone must rally round the military institution and provide it with the required support.”