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WEDGE Real Estate was found in 1985. It deals with the possession, the purchase, selling, or hiring of built and non-built properties, the administration of real estate, the construction and partition of buildings into apartments, the construction of residential units, and the partition of lands for residential purposes, with the agreement of the urban planning or relevant municipalities.

In general, the corporation deals with the trading and investment of real estate, the construction works, and all works that are directly or indirectly related with the abovementioned activities. Not to mention also the construction sector since the corporation invests large parcels of agricultural territories, mainly in the plain of Akkar, and deals as well with the building, investment, and administration of all industrial and agricultural projects, and with the industrialization and marketing of all their products.

WEDGE Real Estate has the right to take part in, contribute in, or merge, in any form whatsoever, with companies or projects carrying out similar activities. It is also entitled to acquire shares and quotas in the established companies. WEDGE Real Estate has contributed in the foundation of a number of sister companies and two affiliated companies in which it owns the majority of shares: Porto Barbara S.A.L and the Green WEDGE S.A.L.