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Since its inception till nowadays, the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs has set a series of key goals to achieve, in its belief that the promotion of public policy and international affairs is a primordial necessity for Lebanon and the Middle East region.

Thanks to the frantic efforts provided by the Institute’s Director General Mr. Rami G. Khoury and the Executive Editor of The Daily Star newspaper and the 18-member research team, the Institute endeavors to attain its main objectives: Bring the power of knowledge, research, and critical thinking to inform, promote good governance in the various fields of public policy and international affairs to better serve the interests of the people of Lebanon and the Arab world, make a significant contribution to more informed policy-making and governance in Lebanon and the Arab world, become a regional focal point for expert research and advising on issues of public policy and international affairs, and develop a large reservoir of knowledge on policy issues in the region.

Established in 2006, the Institute is a dynamic, civil, and open space where people representing all viewpoints in society can gather and discuss significant issues of the day and heated issues on the local, regional, and international scenes. It acts as catalyst and connector between the AUB, other Arab scholars, and the global research and policy community. This includes collaborative work with colleagues around the region and the world through ongoing partnerships with other universities, think-tanks, research centers, and institutions in both the public and private sectors. It targets multiple audiences: academic scholars, students, policy-making, civil society, and scholarship. The Institute hosts public conferences, workshops, symposia, and other gatherings that bring together policy officials, private sector, and civil society leaders.