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Publication of Issam Fares Book in the Russian Language “The Middle East, the Way Towards Peace’
September 2005

Former Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares received a letter from the head of the Russian Association for Friendship and Economic and Cultural Cooperation in Lebanon H.E. the former Russian Ambassador in Lebanon Mr. Olig Perespekin, in which he informed him about the publication of a Russian book, titled ‘The Middle East, the Way Towards Peace& Entente’.

Published in the Russian presidential printing press, the book includes a series of lectures, speeches, and allocutions pronounced by Fares in Russia, the United States, Britain, Lebanon, and other countries, reflecting his opinions and views about the Middle East situation, the regional juncture, the latest developments reported in the region, the problem of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, and different aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The book also includes the keynote speeches made by Fares to present renowned speakers such as Senior US President George Bush, former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, US Senator Hillary Clinton, and other international high-level personalities and world influential figures, during the annual Tufts Lecture Series held in Boston in the frame of the special seminars on the Middle East organized by the Issam Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies at Tufts.

Upon the publication of this book, the first copy was dedicated to the President of the Republic of Russia Mr. Vladimir Putin. The valuable book was displayed at the 18th International Book Fair held between September 7 and 12 in Moscow, drawing remarkable attention from the visitors.