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The Issam Fares Center for Lebanon is a Beirut-based American think-tank, a non-aligned institution, the mission of which is to advance a balanced and realistic understanding of major global regional and domestic issues affecting Lebanon

The Center looks forward to contributing to the development of Lebanon as a hub for freedom and cultural renaissance and to the development of political thinking in the Arab region. It was established with the aim of influencing decision-making, increasing participation in the decision-making process, promoting peace, justice, development, security, and unity in Lebanon, in its capacity as a regional center for the evolution of political thinking in the Arab and Middle East region, and contributing in making of Beirut a capital of interaction. It devotes special attention to reforming as a key axis for its activities and an everlasting goal to attain.

The Center organizes a series of forums to discuss the current heated topics. It hosts a great number of key speakers and participants and scores of experts and specialists to contribute to the deliberation of topics and formulation of policies that guarantee a successful communication that secures the people’s interests.