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04 May 2017
There is no question that the former Deputy Prime Minister, Issam FARES, will be back in Lebanon on the first week of next May, where he would resume his political and developmental activity and play the role of conciliator between the Lebanese leaders on the eve of the parliamentary session due May 15th as he is a uniting person who is highly regarded by all political forces.  more
25 Apr 2017
Akkar with all its Segments Is Expecting his Excellency Issam FARES His Return Early May Will Put Development and Recovery Back on Track  more
17 Apr 2017
The relationship between the former Deputy Prime Minister, Issam FARES, and Lebanon is stronger than the carefree and recreational time he spends in his New York building or his beautiful location in Monte Carlo.  more
11 Apr 2017
The return of the former Deputy Prime Minister, Issam FARES, to Lebanon, due next month - and its impact on the political map and scene, particularly in Akkar - has been the talk of Akkar circles, for it is scheduled on the eve of the parliamentary elections, on which the coming back of Issam FARES will have an effect through the coalitions and the reshuffle of the election cards, all the more so as he will be back with a conciliatory spirit towards all parties and will extend a hand of cooperation to contribute to the development of Akkar and implement more projects and services in that region.  more
20 Mar 2017
Issam FARES and Patriarch HAZIM … and Bartholomew I, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople of the Eastern Orthodox Church … and Patriarch Moran Mor Bechara Boutros AL RAHI  more
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