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Issam FARES in Lebanon Early May and Will Speak in the University of Balamand Graduation Ceremony - by Ghassan RIFEH
04 May 2017

Issam FARES in Lebanon Early May and Will Speak in the University of Balamand Graduation Ceremony - by Ghassan RIFEH

There is no question that the former Deputy Prime Minister, Issam FARES, will be back in Lebanon on the first week of next May, where he would resume his political and developmental activity and play the role of conciliator between the Lebanese leaders on the eve of the parliamentary session due May 15th as he is a uniting person who is highly regarded by all political forces.

The return of President FARES is beyond all doubt. It is not just a rumor circulating in the Lebanese media, it is now a fact for FARES will speak in the graduation ceremony of the University of Balamand students which is to be held under the patronage of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, Rev. John X “Youhanna YAZIJI” on Tuesday, May 23rd.

The preparations for the welcome ceremony in FARES residences in Broummana and Beino are proceeding apace, for his action will be split between the two regions to be in direct contact with all political leaders, and with the citizens and residents, particularly in Akkar which has been waiting for his return for more than a decade as the region was neglected by the State, while its needs have been significantly growing.

“Safir Ashamal” learnt from well-informed political sources that the presence of Issam FARES in Lebanon prior to the parliamentary session due May 15th will allow him to play a positive role in bringing together the different viewpoints on the electoral law and in easing the tensions that might occur in case no law has been agreed upon, and that FARES will have a positive standpoint regarding the developments such as the extension of the parliament’s term for the third time, whether the parties concerned enacted a new practical law, or not. According to the same sources, in all events, no parliamentary elections or power transformations are foreseeable in short term, and the return of Issam FARES will have no impact at the level of such power, but will definitely give the country some moral push and inaugurate a next political stage where FARES would be a major actor given his influence in Lebanon and worldwide.

As these sources expect, this time, the return of FARES to Lebanon will put his political and developmental efforts in motion, following his first visit, made after years of absence, to his friend, General Michel AOUN, to offer his congratulations on his election as President of the Republic. Maybe he will spend the next period between Lebanon and USA and France, until the time comes for real political action to be undertaken. Only then he will be in his homeland to have a word in the elections, whether he wanted to run again, delegate someone as candidate or contribute in the formation of electoral alliances and tickets.