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Dr. Salim Hoss addresses a letter of appreciation to Mr. Issam Fares
22 Sep 2009

September 22, 2009

Former Prime Minister Dr. Salim Hoss addressed a congratulation and appreciation letter to former Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Issam Fares on the occasion of his upcoming honoring by the Crisis Group in New York.

The letter read:

‘We heard that the International Crisis Group institution has decided to honor you in New York, along with Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton. This news stirred a feeling of pride among us the Lebanese. The appreciation of distinguished men like you by a renowned international institution is very natural in the civilized and developed countries. Nevertheless, it is to ask why the distinguished figures are not honored in our eastern societies; this does not underestimate them as they remain respected and appreciated among the good people’.

Hoss concluded his letter, saying, ‘Congratulations for this distinguished honor. It is truly an honor for Lebanon. May God help you, guide your path, and bring you back to your homeland’.