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Akkar Bishop Basilios Congratulates Fares in the Weekly Bulletin Issued by Akkar’s Orthodox Parish
25 Oct 2009

October 25, 2009

Congratulations for His Excellency Mr. Issam Fares for October 28, 2009.

On the 28th of October, the son of Akkar will share the International Peace Award with the most two important US Presidents: Senior President George Bush and Clinton. His Excellency Mr. Issam Fares is proud of Akkar and its citizens without any discrimination. He and his sons are also proud of their church and they carry it from any place to went to.

Yes, Issam Fares and all his family members are proud of Lebanon, Akkar, and the Orthodox Church in words and deeds. Who in Akkar cannot affirm that Issam Fares is a blessing from God to this deprived area, and who does not affirm that His Excellency has made miracles thanks to his amiability and love, and who does not admit that His Excellency experiences and enjoys the talent of giving and making great sacrifices.

Although he makes permanent trips to carry out his business between France, Britain, the United States, and other countries, he is nevertheless present in his remarkable amiability through his institutions that work on meeting his aspirations and his love to people. I will not enumerate his multiple humanitarian qualities which, added to other qualities, have made of him a symbol to all those who have known him directly or indirectly.

In presence of simple people, he acts like them; in presence of people who do not show simplicity, he takes his place and occupies his position worthily. Living with him brings delight and joy. His life serves as an example to experience faith, both at home and in the church.

Dear beloved, the honoring ceremony of His Excellency Issam Fares is a national event in every sense of the word, an event from Akkar, a church event, as well as a Middle Eastern event. Every peace-loving person should be proud of this event. His Excellency’s white hands do not disappear from any place he could reach.

Dear Beloved, with you today we convey to His Excellency our blessing and congratulations for this landmark event of which we are proud. We raise prayers for Almighty God to give him long life and health so that good, giving, joy, and peace would persevere wherever he was.

Congratulations Your Excellency.

Congratulations for your honor and your award. You are the good gift, the good talent, and the full of talent from the Almighty God.