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Fares Confers with Former US President Bill Clinton in Paris - July 18, 2005
Former Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares met former US President Bill Clinton in the French Capital. Discussions revolved around the Lebanese situation and the latest developments reported in the Middle East region.

Both parties agreed that only a just and global peace could secure stability in the region, bring violence to a halt, and provide development, progress, and prosperity to the countries. They also emphasized the urgent and pressing need to resume peace negotiations on both the Palestinian-Israeli and Arab-Israeli tracks. President Clinton pledged to draw particular attention to this topic upon his return to the United States, and promised to visit Lebanon and the region in the foreseeable future.

Clinton-Fares meeting came prior to the President’s tour on a number of African countries in the frame of the humanitarian activities of the institution he sponsors, which aims at contributing in combating dangerous diseases the Black Continent is plagued with, mainly AIDS.

During their meeting, President Clinton presented to Fares an invitation to attend the annual meeting held in New York on September 15-17 of this year, in the frame of what is dubbed as ‘Clinton Global Initiative’ during which the most important key challenges the world is facing will be determined and dealt with, which are: poverty, indebtedness, climate changes, and governments.

It is to note that the meeting shall be attended by the current and former heads of states, leaders, and distinguished businessmen, as well as non-governmental institutions, and a notable elite well-known for its objective and transparent dealing with the international developments.