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Fares Attends the Arab Summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt - March 2, 2003
Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares stressed the necessity for the Arab League to take decisions that affirm, in words and deeds, the depth of Arab solidarity which alone is capable of facing the coming changes in a way to protect and safeguard Arab rights. He underlined the Lebanese stance that emanates from the Beirut Summit resolutions which had won unanimous consensus from all Arab Kings and Presidents.

Fares concluded by saying that the Middle East region is experiencing turmoil and unrest that could lead to the worse consequences unless we know how to deal with the future developments on both the Lebanese and Arab levels with great consciousness, high responsibility, and clear vision.

Fares went on saying that it would be useful to create a group of highly-experienced and competent intellectuals and researchers to seek their advise and expertise in analyzing the events and providing the State with the best options they deem appropriate at this volatile and critical juncture of the region’s history.

Fares’ stance came on the sidelines of the Arab Summit held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where he joined H.E. President Emile Lahoud and Premier Rafic Hariri, on behalf of Lebanon.

Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares takes part in Sharm el-Sheikh Arab Summit

The Premier& Deputy Premier during the deliberations held by Arab leaders