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Official Visit to Brazil - February 18, 23- 2004
Signature of the two Agreements
Lunch Banquet
February 19
Gathering with the Arab Ambassadors
In Monte Libano
Mrs. Hala Fares& the First Lady in the Orphanage
In Sao Paulo
Visit to the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital
Visit to the Governor
Meeting the Heads of Communities
Mrs. Hala Fares& the First Lady at the ‘White Hand Association’
At Rio De Janeiro
Fares& Lahoud at Our Lady of Lebanon Church
Fares Meets the Former Governor

Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares accompanied H.E. the Lebanese President in an official visit to Brazil. The first day of the visit was marked by four stages:

First Stage: The talks held with Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in presence of H.E. Mr. Fares were crowned by the signature of two bilateral agreements: The first is a memo of understanding about bilateral ties, and the other a protocol over technical cooperation in the domain of energy.

In the political arena, both Presidents agreed upon the necessity to realize a just and global peace in the Middle East and the entire world and stressed commitment to the resolutions of international legitimacy to achieve this goal. Lahoud announced his support of his Brazilian homologue’s initiative to hold a summit that gathers the Arab nations and Latin America.

Second Stage: Visit paid to the Senate and House of Parliament

Third Stage: Reunion with the Brazilian President and the Arab Ambassadors at Naoum Plaza Hotel

Fourth Stage: The lunch banquet that created an opportunity to meet the Lebanese Community at Mount Lebanon Club

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva gives a warm welcome to Fares
ArrivalFares, the Lebanese President, and the accompanying delegation had arrived at Planato Palace where an official reception was organized, followed by a round of talks that gathered, on the Lebanese side, Mr. Fares and Lebanon’s Ambassador to Brazil Mr. Fouad el-Khoury. Later, Lahoud, Da Silva, Fares, and Brazil’s Foreign Minister joined the Lebanese delegation in the Palace where a series of extensive talks was held during which Brazil President highly praised Lebanon, deeming that his country views Lebanon as a gateway not only to Brazil but also to Latin America, and that Lebanon’s role is famous.

Issam Fares attends the official round of talks held at Planato Palace

Signature of the two AgreementsThe two agreements were concluded in the presence of the members representing both delegations: Fares signed an agreement for the exchange of expertise in electrical energy, while Minister Marwan Hmadeh signed an agreement on bilateral cooperation in the arena of trade and economy.

Fares signs an agreement for the exchange of expertise in electrical energy

Lunch BanquetLater, H.E. Mr. Fares attended the lunch banquet thrown by Brazil’s President Da Silva in honor of the Lebanese President and delegation at the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry in which took part the members of the Arab and foreign diplomatic corps, as well as Lebanese figures living in Brazil. The banquet was preceded by an exchange of decorations.

Mr. & Mrs. Fares among the guests of honor in the lunch banquet thrown by Brazil's President

February 19 Fares and the Lebanese President held a series of reunions in Brazil with the head of the Senate Jose Sarney and the head of the House of Parliament Paulo Conia. Speeches were held on the occasion, stressing the bilateral ties and pointing out at the importance of promoting cooperation between the Lebanese and Brazilian businessmen. Mr. Sarney affirmed that this visit ‘affirms the depth of the Lebanese-Brazilian relations and lays the foundations of a new and advanced stage’, praising the efforts by the President during the last few years.

For his part, Mr. Conia highlighted, during the delegation’s visit to the House of Parliament, the Parliament’s role and that of the descendants of Lebanese origin. Conia presented to H.E. Mr. Fares a golden medal on the occasion of the 180th anniversary of the foundation of the Brazilian House of Parliament.

Head of the Senate: "This visit affirms the depth of the Lebanese Brazilian relations"

Reunion with the head of the House pf Parliament Mr. Paulo Conia
Gathering with the Arab AmbassadorsFares, the President, and the delegation has also met five members of the Arab nations accredited in Brazil, among whom was also present the Dean of the Arab Diplomatic Corps, Palestine’s Ambassador Mr. Mussa Amr. An allocution was pronounced, shedding light on the importance of the Lebanese diaspora.

Fares attends the meeting held with the Arab Ambassadors accredited in Brazil

In Monte LibanoFares and the President had wrapped the schedule in Brazil by meeting the members of the Lebanese community during a dinner banquet held in his honor by Lebanon’s Ambassador Fouad el-Khoury and the community at Monte Libano Club, in presence of nearly 1000 persons. Applause was highly heard upon the entry of Mr. Fares& his wife Mrs. Hala Fares.

High applause upon the entry of Mr. & Mrs. Fares to Monte Libano Club
Mrs. Hala Fares& the First Lady in the OrphanageMrs. Hala Fares& the First Lebanese Lady received a warm welcome at the Orphanage in Brazil. Mrs. Fares toured the place and paid visit to 180 children whose age ranks between two and six years and carefully listened to an explanation about their living conditions. Mrs. Fares was also accompanied by Brazil’s Ambassador and officials from the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Administrative Reform.

Mrs. Hala Fares pays a visit to the Orphanage in Brazil to examine the children's living conditions
In Sao PauloFares moved with the Lebanese President and delegation from Brazil to Sao Paulo on the second leg of his official trip, on a two-day visit marked by an exceptional schedule. The visit started with a tour on the Lebanese-Syrian Hospital, a reunion with the spiritual leaders and the heads of some institutions at Sofitel Hotel, followed by a gathering with businessmen of Lebanese origin.

Visit to the Syrian-Lebanese HospitalAccompanied by the Lebanese delegation members, Fares and the Lebanese President had paid a visit to the Lebanese-Syrian Hospital established in 1965 upon a humanitarian initiative. Mrs. Hala Fares and the First Lady accompanied the officials.

Mr. Issam & Mrs. Hala Fares tour on the Lebanese-Syrian Hospital established in 1965

It is to note also that Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares also received at his residence at Sofitel Hotel the former governor of Sao Paulo and the main Brazilian presidential candidate Mr. Paulo Maalouf with whom discussions broached a number of general topics. Talks also revolved around the possible means to consolidate communication between Lebanon and the Lebanese disapora. Fares explained to the Brazilian official the prevailing situation in Lebanon and Lebanon’s stance regarding the political and economic developments.

The meeting with Mr. Maalouf touched upon means to consolidate communication with the Lebanese disapora
Visit to the GovernorMr. Issam& Mrs. Hala Fares had also paid a visit to Sao Paulo’s Governor, accompanied by the Lebanese President& the First Lady, the members of both Lebanese and Brazilian delegations, the President of the Press Association Mr. Mohammed Baalbaki, the head of the Lebanese Editors Syndicate Mr. Melhem Karam, and Consul Sayyah. After the warm reception, all attendees moved to the Great Hall of the People where decorations were exchanged.

The Fareses and the members of the Lebanese delegation pay a visit to Sao Paulo's Governor

In the afternoon, Mr. Fares had accompanied President Lahoud to Sao Paulo’s Municipality, in presence of Ministers Abdallah Farhat and Michel Mussa. They were warmly hosted by the head of the Municipality before heading to a great hall where gifts were exchanged.

Issam Fares accompanies the Lebanese President to Sao Paulo's Municipality
Meeting the Heads of CommunitiesFares also attended the reunion the Lebanese President held with the heads of the Lebanese Christian and Muslim communities and the heads of social clubs, chaired by the Pastor of the Maronite diocese in Brazil, Bishop Joseph Mahfouz, and Bishop Damiskinos Mansur, the pastor of the Roman Orthodox.

Fares attends the meeting held with the heads of Lebanon's Christian & Muslim communities in Sao Paulo

Mrs. Hala Fares& the First Lady at the ‘White Hand Association’Accompanied by the First Lady, Mrs. Hala Fares pursued her reunions in Sao Paulo and paid a visit to the headquarters of the ‘White Hand Association’. Supervised by a group of ladies representing both the Lebanese and Syrian communities, the said association gathers nearly 2150 old men and women.

Hala Fares meets a group of ladies representing both the Lebanese and Syrian communities

At Rio De Janeiro The third leg of Fares’ visit was Rio de Janeiro which is ruled by a female Brazilian governor whose parents descend from a Lebanese origin. Upon the arrival, Fares moved with President Lahoud and the accompanying delegation to Sofitel Hotel where a meeting was held to discuss the topics placed on the agenda of the meeting with the Governor.

At noon, Fares and all members of the delegation attended a lunch banquet held in their honor at the historic Laranjeiras Palace.

Meeting with the Governor of Rio De Janeiro on the third leg of Fares' visit to Brazil

Fares& Lahoud at Our Lady of Lebanon Church Upon Fares’ and the President’s arrival at Our Lady of Lebanon Church, a great welcome was organized by Bishop Mahfouz, Archbishop Demetrios of the Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop Fares Makron of the Catholic Church, and a group of priests. At the end of the mass, the attendees moved to the church hall and then to the Great Hall where they were welcomed by a large crowd of Brazilians of Lebanese origin.

Fares attends the mass held at the Church of Our Lady of Lebanon in Rio De Janeiro

Fares Meets the Former GovernorIt is worth noting that Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares held a meeting with Sao Paulo’s former governor Mr. Paulo Maalouf.