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Lebanon Files: Issam Fares to be honored tomorrow in New York alongside Clinton and Bush Senior
27 Oct 2009

October 27, 2009

Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York will witness tomorrow the honoring ceremony of former US Presidents Bill Clinton and George HW Bush and former Deputy Prime Minister of Lebanon Issam Fares by the International Crisis Group.

On the eve of his arrival to New York to attend this event, Fares had a chat with the media. Asked what does this honoring mean to him, he replied, ‘The human being’s nature is sensitive toward honor, flattery, and praise. However, it is to say that I consider that honoring me goes beyond my person to be an honoring for Lebanon. Our country cannot be proud of its geography or population, but rather of the civilized and humanitarian contributions it can make. It fills my heart with pride and satisfaction that, at a time when the situation in our country is deteriorating, when controversies, tensions, and quotas are mounting, and at a time when our country is facing all forms of challenges that threaten its future and fate, there are some Lebanese people that oppose this fact and reflect the beautiful image of their country’.

Evoking the goals behind the establishment of the International Crisis Group, he said, ‘The first goal to which aspires this institution- which was founded in 1995 and is composed of world personalities- is renown in shedding light on hotbeds of tension and the causes of crises, ringing the alarm bell, submitting recommendations and proposals to urge world leaders and decision-makers to exert efforts in order to avoid warns and settle the international dilemmas by peaceful means’.

Asked ‘What would he say to the Lebanese on this occasion’, he said, ‘I tell them translate the words in your national anthems into deeds and let’s be ‘All for the Nation’. God gave us a beautiful nation and an intelligent population. So, let’s preserve them with our eyes’.